We operate computer workstations of high computing power with software for calculation of designs with finite-elements method. We offer numeral calculations in the scope of linear and nonlinear statics and dynamics according to implicit or explicit method. In the course of numerous projects we have managed to decrease product mass (for instance vehicle body), with consideration endurance criteria defined in normative documents and usage requirements. In such projects sort we used to mix numerical simulation technique with laboratory testing. Only such methods provide solid and reliable solutions.

We offer wide range of services – from small degree of difficulty, including linear simulation for particular parts 1-D, 2-D and 3-D within Hook’s law applicability, to more complex simulations considering material nonlinearities (elastic-plastic materials, nonlinear hyper-elastic materials etc.), contact nonlinearities in places of interaction between parts or use of large deformations. Long-term experience in numerical simulations gives us capability to calculate the structures in the scope of quasi-dynamics, dynamics, thermal or magnetic issues, with consideration of composite materials single- or multilayered, using appropriate endurance hypotheses.

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